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Baller is an ancient company, founded in 1828, and it is proud to be the most lasting in Sicily for almost two centuries of activity, with a consolidated tradition in the industry of Citrus Essential Oils.
Starting from the XIX century, as a pioneer in its field, the company Baller "comes to be part of the founders of the newborn trust of Italian Chemical Industry", as mentioned in the Italian literature (extract from the famous book of Salvatore Lupo –"The Garden of the Oranges"– Marsilio Editori). It was firstly mentioned as "one foreign trade company destined to play a central role...up to 1900 and after... ".
Its origin comes from a Danish family, named Baller, which founded it, subsequently the company was owned by a Swiss-German family with the name of Saraw. Both proprietors aimed at the “quality” of the citrus oils and the clients’ exigency.
The family Pappalardo, which owned the company over several generations, put at the first place the same principles of the quality of the products and the meeting of the clients expectations.
Apart from citrus essential oils, the company exported citrus fruits, dried fruits, flowers oils, wine, olive oil, sulphur (from own mines), almonds, nuts, pistachios, liquorice, citrate, since 1828 until the first decades of the twenty Century.
The company Baller is present in the Sicilian market already from the first years of the nineteenth century as a producer of citrus derivates, as Orazio Cancila writes in "The History of Industry in Sicily", (Editori Laterza): "Baller company is one of the biggest citrus exporters, as well as, citrus derivates exporter", and furthermore “the calcium citrate exporters among which stands out the company Baller that by its patriarch Carlo Saraw was monopolizing the export business for the calcium citrate”.
Currently, the activity consists in the production and export of Citrus Essential Oils such as: Lemon Oil, Bergamot Oil, Mandarin Oil, Sweet and Bitter Orange Oil, Folded Oils, Terpeneless Oils, Terpenes, etc.
Today the company follows the most up-to-date technology for production of the citrus essential oils, with the goal of preservation of the genuineness and naturalness of the products, saving their natural flavour and fragrance, specific to Sicilian citrus.
Besides, it is unanimously recognised to Baller the highest reliability in the relationship with the customers, to whom it assures not only the “quality” but also an adequate business assistance and punctuality.